Before, and perhaps during, college at Clemson University, Lee Brice helped out at his father's commercial electric business in his hometown of Sumter, S.C. It's likely he didn't spend too much time 100 feet in the air in a tiny bucket during his tenure with dad, however. "I honestly am pretty terrified by heights," he admits during a recent episode of GAC-TV's 'Day Jobs.'

Brice went to college on a football scholarship and tells Taste of Country that he might have been able to make it in the pros as a long-snapper. An injury ruined that plan, so he picked up a guitar and left for Nashville. After he helped write Garth Brooks' 2007 hit 'More Than a Memory,' Brice began to focus on his career as a solo artist, applying the same "Get it done" work ethic Dad taught him at KMB Electric.

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