After discussing his latest album, 'Hard 2 Love,' and the emotional toll being a touring artist can take on relationships, Lee Brice had a minute -- literally, one minute -- to talk about the truly important things in life.

We peppered him with questions about everything from which late night restaurant he's most likely to be found at after a show, to whether or not he's ever been arrested. The 'Woman Like You' singer was kind enough to oblige, giving open and honest answers... unless it meant getting him in further trouble with the law.

60 Seconds With Lee Brice

Question 1: Last book you read?

'The Plantation' (by Chris Kuzneski). I was bored for a few days so I picked up this old book and it was just about this family from Charleston.

Question 2: Did you ever get suspended or arrested in high school?

[laughs] Not in high school [laughs].

Question 3. What dream is harder to reach, the NFL or country music superstardom?

I guess it's probably hard to be a country guy because there's a lot of work and driving. Football, you gotta be talented, so I don't know. It's pretty hard. I didn't try the NFL, so I couldn't answer that. (Brice further explained he had a shot at the NFL before getting injured at Clemson University)

Question 4. Denny's, Waffle House, IHOP, White Castle or other?

Waffle House. Or Huddle House, if you're in the south.

Question 5. Topped, Smothered, Covered, Capped …

[laughs] All of the above.

Question 6. Who's the toughest woman in country music?

Well, probably Miranda [Lambert].

Or, believe it or not, maybe Martina McBride. [laughs] She's a little tough cookie. She looks all innocent and quiet and soft, but she's a tough cookie. She can handle the whiskey like the men can.

Question 8. What's the last album you bought?

Actually I just bought the Maroon 5 record that Mutt Lange produced ('Hands All Over'). It is so good.

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