More than a dozen songs are up for the Best Song of Summer 2015 title, and the final pairing in the Western Region is two of today's hottest (in every possible way) male stars. Thomas Rhett and Sam Hunt will square off to see whose song can get through the Round of 16.

"Crash and Burn" is a heartbreak song, but has anyone ever sounded so good dumped? Rhett's funky new track is the first from the upcoming Tangled Up album, in stores this September. If every song is this catchy, we don't think we'll turn it off until next September!

Hunt's song matches Rhett's beat for beat, with beats to spare. "House Party" is built to be a summer crowdpleaser, and this Georgian is the right man for the job. If you think this song should be the Song of Summer, vote for him often. The winner will move on to face either Logan Mize or LoCash.

The Eastern Region will be revealed on Thursday, with four more match-ups to be decided before next Tuesday night's deadline. Round 2 will begin next Wednesday, with the ultimate Best Song of Summer being named on August 12. You can vote once ever hour. And please don't cheat — we'll figure it out and you'll just end up making everyone real angry.

West Bracket Songs of Summer Round 1
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