Big and Rich's version of Elvis Presley's 'Blue Christmas' sounds exactly like one would expect it to sound. There's a light church organ, followed by noisy guitars and chest-thumping harmonies from John Rich and Kenny Alphin. It's amazing that the duo can wrap their brand around even the most reverent sound.

"I’ll have a blue Christmas without you / I’ll be so blue just thinking about you / Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree / Won’t be the same, dear, if you’re not here with me," they sing. While this song once begged for a love to stay or return, Big and Rich demand it.

"And when the blue snowflakes start falling / That’s when those blue memories start calling / You’ll be doing all right with your Christmas of white / But I’ll have a blue Christmas," they add in verse two.

There are a number of Big-and-Richisms weaved into the country-rock formula, and it could be argued that this song is a disgrace to a holiday favorite. Or the pair should be applauded for taking their big, gaudy brush strokes to a song in need of some freshening up.

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