Big and Rich are back with a new single, and in this one the Nashville duo is on the hunt for a 'Fake I.D.' and a live concert -- and they won't take no for an answer.

"Hey mister, won't you sell me a fake ID / There's a band in the bar that I'm dying to see / I got my money and you got what I need / Hey mister won't you sell me a fake ID," the vocal pair sings in the chorus, expressing that they are in a rush to get through the doors and want a quick deal.

"It’s hot, hot, hot and on fire. It’s Big and Rich. It’s edgy and sexy," Big Kenny says of the track, which features Gretchen Wilson on back-up vocals. Not only that, 'Fake I.D.' is going to be used in the Julianne Hough remake of 'Footloose,' which is slated to be released this October. He adds, "And just when you think that that’s pretty cool and really good, you find out that Julianne Hough is dancing to your song. And she looks so good and does such a fantastic job."

Even we want to heed Big and Rich's call, as they stress the urgency to get inside to the front row -- though they may want to re-think manhandling the club bouncers: "Here's my money, now get out of my way / Gonna push my luck right up to the stage."

We're not completely in love with 'Fake I.D.,' though it is cool that it's being used for the remake of one of the best '80s movie ever made. As a movie background track, it does its job, but this one would never skyrocket to No. 1 on the radio. No hard feelings, though, B & R ... as long as you continue to give us smash honky-tonk hits like 'Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy).'

Preview Big and Rich, 'Fake I.D.'