Big and Rich and Gretchen Wilson are reuniting on the road this summer for their co-headlined Xtreme Muzik Tour, which will stop in over 30 different cities beginning June 18 in Springfield, Mo. The tour will also feature special guests Cowboy Troy and Two Foot Fred.

The new trek marks the first tour between the Muzik Mafia members in five years. The excitement of hitting the road together has everybody fired up and ready to go, including their diehard fan base.

"We’ve been talking about this for quite a while, and we really put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into putting together a show we feel the fans will walk away and say, 'Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that,'" Wilson says. "You’re going to see me come out and sing on Big and Rich songs, you’re going to see John and Kenny sing on my songs, and there’s no telling where Two-Foot and Cowboy Troy will be!"

"This crew started out with a bunch of us hanging out in little clubs playing all kinds of music," says Rich. "We want to give our fans not just a great night of music but an experience they’ll talk about for a long time."

"We’ve been friends for so long," adds Big Kenny, "writing, recording, touring and even watching our kids grow up together. John and I have both done solo projects, which were fun, but we’re ready to get out and make some Big and Rich noise! This set is custom-designed to deliver all the hits that everybody wants to hear."

For more information on the Xtreme Muzik Tour, visit the official website here. More dates are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Big and Rich/Gretchen Wilson Xtreme Muzik Tour Dates:

6/25 - Walker, Minn.
7/02 - Denver, Colo.
7/16 - Sraven, SK
7/22 - Pittsburgh, Pa.
7/30 - Riverside, Iowa
8/10 - Sikeston, Mo.
9/02 - Whites Creek, Tenn.
9/03 - Pontiac, Mich.
9/04 - Naperville, Ill.
9/11 - Pomona, Calif.
9/19 - Puyallup, Wash.