What a crazy year! 2015 has proven the truth of the old adage, "Anything can happen — and it usually does."

This is the year we (finally!) saw a major new female star emerge to kick bro-country to the curb once and for all, in the process doing something that hadn't been done in a decade. That wasn't the only surprise breakthrough — a seemingly unlikely male artist had a major and unexpected career win in 2015, too.

2015 also saw a superstar walk away, while another beloved country star made his way back into the spotlight despite suffering serious medical troubles. We've seen surprise albums, the return of one of country's most respected (and sometimes reviled) acts, and some seriously shocking breakups.

Take a look at the biggest surprises in country music in 2015 in the gallery above, and tell us what country music moment surprised you the most in the comments section below.

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