Billy Currington's "Don't It" video is just as sexy as the song. He's chasing his video girl, telling her he wants to make her feel alright before a seductive kiss.

"Don't It" is Currington's first single from an upcoming album. It's as full of charm as his adorable visual. The music video is all about the girl, plus Currington's seductive ways. The video begins with the singer and his full band playing in a large room. He's seen with his leading lady, touching and dancing with her while mimicking the lyrics to the song.

"Baby, don’t say no so quick / This ain’t about me tryin’ to see how far that I can get / But I ain’t gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind just a little bit of you and I / Eye to eye, lips on lips, swayin’ to the music / Real close, we could we both use a little a let go kinda night."

The singer clearly has fun with the upbeat song, as his performance is playful and silly, and he's constantly smirking at the camera. His on-camera romance is fun — Currington taunts the girl before finally going in for a smooch. The visual is a cat-and-mouse game between the two, but the good vibes are infectious.

Watch Currington's "Don't It" video above, then find out a little bit more about the song that was penned by Jaren Johnston, Ashley Gorely and Ross Copperman here. Currington is booked to perform at the Taste of Country Music Festival this summer. He's a returning act, having also played in 2013.

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