Billy Currington's music videos can steam things up, or the singer can step back and let someone else take center stage. A city stars in one of the Top 5 Billy Currington videos, while another is a silly sketch about a lazy, good-for-almost-nothin' bum that takes down a handsome, mustachioed goliath.

Love, heartache and alcoholism ... all three themes are featured on this list of the top clips from the Georgia-born star. Currington doesn't make country music videos for every song he releases, but when he gets on board to put something together, it usually turns out well.

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    'Love Done Gone'

    Currington spent five days in New Orleans shooting the 'Love Done Gone' video in 2011. He says when he heard the song he knew instantly where he wanted to film it. In many ways, the buildings and culture of the Big Easy are the stars of this clip, but the singer is there the whole time, smiling and singing. Breaking up almost looks like fun.

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    'Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer'

    The 'Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer' video finds one hard-on-his-luck schlub striking out with the ladies until a buddy recognizes he could be the world's best beer pong player. Indeed, he is! The comically dressed anti-stud takes down the mustachioed mass of muscles and gets the girl all before the song wraps up. Look closely ... Could that be Currington beneath the blond wig?

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    'Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right'

    'Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right' is Currington's sexiest song, and the music video doesn't disappoint. The singer spends much of the time rolling around in the surf with his shirt unbuttoned. A beautiful beach babe is with him for part of it. No, it's not thick on content, but the video is visually arresting.

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    'Walk a Little Straighter'

    The 'Walk a Little Straighter' video is difficult to watch, especially if you can relate to the story Currington tells. The scenes don't shy away from the subject of alcoholism, showing in detail how it can affect loved ones. This is by far Currington's most emotional clip. He hasn't reached to tear our hearts out in quite the same way since his major label debut.

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    'People Are Crazy'

    Sure, 'People Are Crazy' is a little bit corny, but the video makes one of Currington's top songs even better. We couldn't help but let a poignant tear fall at the end of this clip. Fans fell hard for that old man, and he dies in the end. Another great video from an artist who knows how to act in front of a camera.