Billy Gilman has entered the Top 10 in the results on The Voice for 2016.

The country singer performed his way into the exclusive circle after a series of stellar performances which began with his audition for the show, which he nailed in a video that was posted online before he was revealed as one of the contestants for the show in 2016.

Gilman was previously best-known for his 2000 hit "One Voice," which he scored when he was just 11 years old. Subsequent releases did not earn the same commercial success, and by the time he came out in 2014, the singer had experienced a run of commercial cooling off that left his career at country radio in question.

He battled back with a stellar cover of Adele's "When We Were Young" in September, which posted online and introduced many fans to his voice as an adult. Gilman has gone on to a run on Adam Levine's team that has seen him turn in one standout performance after another, including Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror," Rachel Platten's "Fight Song," Queen's "The Show Must Go On" and Adele's "All I Ask," all of which drew rave reviews from the judges and strong voting from the audience at home, earning him his well-deserved slot.

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