Billy Ray Cyrus is ready to retire from country music, but the legendary country music star has one album left in him. In a short Twitter post, Cyrus spilled the details about his upcoming record, 'Change My Mind,' which will hit shelves on October 23.

Cyrus' last offering was 'I'm American,' which he released in June of 2011. According to a previous interview with the Boot, the tracks on 'Change My Mind' were actually written in the spring of 2011, and they are based on the 'Nineteen' hitmaker's life experiences at that time. And when we say life experiences, we're not talking about hanging out on the red carpet. At the time, Cyrus was temporarily separated from his wife, Tish, and then reconciled with her. Talk about a rollercoaster ride!

"This music of this next album -- if anybody wonders what was my life like between October of last year (2010) and April of this year (2011) -- it's going to be very well documented because this album is it. It's my life," Cyrus said at the time.

The longtime country music star has been up front about the fact that he'll soon be ready to retire from country music.

"I don't even want to write another album, I don't want to record another album after this one," Cyrus said. "I didn't even want to write this one. I was going to retire after 'I'm American,' but I wrote this next batch of music so now I need to record it and bring it full circle."

But before he takes off his boots and hangs up his cowboy hat, he'll offer us one last listen with 'Change My Mind.' He's already told fans that the album's first single will be its title track, and he's currently shooting a music video for the song.

This supposed last offering from the legendary 'Achy Breaky Heart' singer is sure to be emotional. In addition to the fact that 'Change My Mind' could signal a legend's retirement from country music, the album will most likely chronicle the difficult moments Cyrus and his family have faced.

Billy Ray Cyrus 'Change My Mind' Track Listing:

1. 'Change My Mind'
2. 'Once Again'
3. 'Hillbilly Heart'
4. 'Tomorrow Became Yesterday'
5. 'Good as Gone'
6. 'Forgot to Forget'
7. 'That’s What Daddy’s Do'
8. 'Hope Is Just Ahead'
9. 'I’m So Miserable'
10. 'Stomp'