Now that Billy Ray Cyrus has patched things up with his wife Tish, his family is back together living in harmony and he's got a new album out, the 'Achy Breaky Heart' hitmaker is able to reflect on some bad choices he made in what he calls the "darkest time of my life." Cyrus sat down with Piers Morgan and opened up about the GQ interview where he said that Disney and his daughter Miley Cyrus' super fame destroyed his family.

Even though Morgan sided with the singer throughout their talk, Cyrus took any opportunity to express his immense regret for ever giving the famed interview in the first place. "I realize that I gave a big mistake even giving that interview," Cyrus commented. "It was the darkest time of my life … I mean, it was dark and turbulent. That would have been a real good time for me to go sit by the fire alone."

Cyrus and his wife filed for divorce in October, just a few months before their 18-year-old daughter was caught on video smoking a bong pipe. It was understandably a tough time for the country singer, both as a father and as an entertainment figure who was the talk of the media. "I just think that probably wasn't a good time for me to do an interview, I'm sure of that," he said, though Morgan continually defended his actions. Cyrus added, "I was definitely dealing with a lot in my world."

He continued, "I felt like, and still feel like, my family was the definition of my life. That was the most important thing and what Billy Ray Cyrus was all about. I've seen it coming unraveled. And again, probably even more so makes sense why it wasn't a really good time to give that interview, especially sitting at my kitchen table, in my home, alone."

Cyrus recalled that while the GQ interview had been scheduled for a while, he should never have gone through with it in the end. He added, "It had been set up for quite a long time that the interview was supposed to happen … It just wasn't supposed to happen like that."

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