Blake Shelton's "A Guy With a Girl" is symbolic of so many of his hits from the last five years. It's a good-natured, mid-tempo love song that finds the singer feeling undeserving of his girl's love.

If Shelton has invented a sound, it's this — and it has served him well. Until "She's Got a Way With Words," the singer had a string of 17 No. 1 hits on country radio. That's an impressive feat for a man who prior to 2009 was hit and miss.

Like so many songs on If I'm Honest, one is tempted to fill in the blanks of Shelton's music with characters from his real life. That's dangerous and ultimately cheap, since doing so robs the listener of the chance to apply the story to their own life. We've all felt lucky in love before, but few of us have dated Gwen Stefani.

Shelton's dumb luck country boy character is a charmer, and it plays right into what fans and radio expect for him. "A Guy With a Girl" was chosen as a means to beginning a new streak of No. 1 hits.

Did You Know?: Songwriter Bryan Simpson helped write Joe Nichols' No. 1 song "Yeah."

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Blake Shelton's "A Guy With a Girl" Lyrics:

"Sometimes I'm the guy with the boys kicking it back / Or the guy with the guitar singing on a country track / I might be the guy with an ice cold can, stirring up dust on some old farmland / When I walk into the party with you girl, you change all that."

"I'm just the guy with the girl everybody wants to know / Wishin' you were there alone / Wonderin' how I ever got your little hand in mine / Lookin' over at ya like ain't she beautiful / I'm invisible but I stand right there and smile / You're right beside me, oh and I see the same thing they're seein' / But I don't mind being the guy with the girl, no."

"It's funny watchin' 'em do the way they do / They come walkin' up to me but they only wanna talk to you / And I don't blame 'em that they're hypnotized / They keep staring at your heartbreak eyes / It's like their heart starts stoppin' when you come into the room."

"The guy that don't know how he got her / But he ain't never gon' let her, never gon' let her go / Woah-oh, yeah."

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