Blake Shelton’s latest from ‘Bringing Back the Sunshine’ brings a needed female voice to country radio. Ashley Monroe sings alongside Shelton during ‘Lonely Tonight,’ a dark love song set deep into a traditional arrangement.

‘Lonely Tonight’ finds the two singers longing for one another one more time. The couple in this song has split, but each is finding that a yearning for a familiar touch can push aside any and all differences.

I could be there in five / One more one last time,” Shelton sings before the first chorus.

We don't have to be lonely tonight / Need you, want you, I'm right here / We don't have to be lonely tonight / I know we shouldn't, but I don't care.” ‘The Voice’ coach handles the refrain while Monroe wraps her voice between his cries for affection.

One has to push aside real life to fall into this ballad. Monroe is Miranda Lambert’s best friend — in fact, Shelton was the officiant for her wedding to John Danks in 2013. Both singers bring their best to the Brent Anderson, Ryan Hurd-penned lyric.

That taste, that touch, the fire I miss / Those kiss-me eyes, your red wine lips, on mine / Like it used to be / Baby I want you, and you want me,” Shelton sings during verse two.

As the production swells, their fire begins to burn bright. Having Monroe’s voice on the radio will satisfy a lot of critics of modern country who say there aren’t enough women and there aren’t enough traditional country singers. She is both, and in this case, she’s a breath of fresh air.

Why Fans Will Love It: Shelton has recorded a number of big, longing country ballads. Monroe's input on 'Lonely Tonight' gives the song some separation.

Key Lyrics: "I don't wanna be right, I don't wanna be strong / I just wanna hold you till the heart break's gone / When the sun comes up, we can both move on / We don't have to be lonely tonight"

Did You Know?: This isn't the first time Shelton and Monroe have recorded together. The pair sang a duet called 'You Ain't Dolly (And You Ain't Porter)' on Monroe's 'Like a Rose' album.

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