Blake Shelton’s “Came Here to Forget” video isn’t action-packed, but there’s plenty happening between the singer and his young, brunette love interest. It’s a clip that relies on flirty looks and body language, as well as a little sexy dancing.

Shelton isn’t the one dancing. Instead his bikini-clad lover is letting loose inside an open-air bar one steamy, tropic afternoon. There’s no physical romance between the couple, only a little conversation, some laughter and heavy flirting. “Came Here to Forget” is Shelton’s first single from his new If I’m Honest album, out May 20.

At the beginning of the video a tired-looking Shelton seems to be sipping away his sorrows at some beachside bar. His lovely lady is just finishing a swim, and she comes wafting in like cigarette smoke. The black and white video includes plenty of slow motion sequences, plus scenes of Shelton standing on a rocky cliff pondering love and life. At one point, she scoots off her bar stool and becomes the cantina’s lone dancer. No one nearby seems to mind, especially not Shelton.

The song is based on the singer’s romance with Gwen Stefani, but there’s no reference to their burgeoning love. In fact, in many ways this beauty is the anti-Gwen — much younger, brunette and quietly mysterious. For three minutes and forty six seconds, Shelton likey.

Fans can expect more personal material on If I'm Honest, although it's not clear how directly he'll address issues of his marriage to Miranda Lambert and romance with Stefani.

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