Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are both talented country superstars, but they're also different in many ways. The 'Automatic' singer admits that comes in handy when she gets upset about an endless slew of tabloid rumors.

Like anyone on a fast track to fame, Lambert -- a small town Texas girl -- was surprised when her face began being plastered on silly tabloid magazines.

"It took a while to get used to, it kind of caught me off guard," she tells Huffington Post. "My friends are like, 'Is this true? Is this happening?' I'm like, 'I haven't even seen it, what are you talking about?' Then I go to the grocery story and I'm buying milk and bread, and then my face is right there with some kind of lie. But now I'm used to it."

Indeed, building up an armor against tabloids is something that comes with the celebrity territory. But Lambert has a secret weapon: her husband. He keeps her cool when she gets fired up about rumors.

"He's so laid back and so good about being like, 'Why are you letting it bother you?' So good about calling me -- because I'm the more intense one in the relationship anyways," she spills. "I'm the girl, so I'm more moody and emotional, you know how we are. And so he's like, 'Just don't worry about it.' He was really good about making me brush it off, so now we're good."

There has been much unwanted attention on Lambert and Shelton over the years, ranging from baby rumors to weight loss sensation to divorce and everything in between. Lambert addresses this battle on her new record, 'Platinum' with the song 'Priscilla' (which got a stamp of approval from the Queen herself).

Now, Shelton and his wife are able to laugh about the rumors -- and even poke fun of them via social media. "It's all funny, and now we can laugh and tweet about it -- our fans tweet back at us and laugh," Lambert shares. "Knowing that no one really takes it seriously is what keeps it lighthearted."

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