Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson have a lot in common, with gleaming Grammy hardware, thriving music careers and devoted significant others. They also have a deep friendship, and Shelton, who has the honors of singing on Clarkson's big wedding day, recalls how their relationship came to be.

The 'Don't Rush' beauty is engaged to Shelton's manager/best friend, Brandon Blackstock, which is how the two singers originally met. "So, I met her here and there, and we had dinner a few times as a group of us, you know," Shelton tells "We got to know her, and then, of course, her and Miranda hit it off when they first met, two Texas girls. They had so much in common, they're both from Texas and they both came from reality television shows." He adds, with a smirk, "You can't get a word in with them two."

"My relationship with Kelly Clarkson is so inbred," the 'Sure Be Cool if You Did' hitmaker jokes. "We've been friends now for a few years...and now, to see one of my best friends engaged to another one of my best friends, it's so cool how all that happened," he concludes. "I just think they're perfect for each other. I just think it's really neat to have been a witness to all of this. I'm very happy for them."

Sounds like whenever the Lambert-Shelton household makes dinner plans, Clarkson and her husband-to-be are high up on the priority list, and there's probably lots of laughter, sassy comments, and memories made every time.

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