It was a country episode of 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' on Wednesday evening, as Blake Shelton was a couch guest and Scotty McCreery provided the musical entertainment.

Shelton is getting to be a regular on TV, with his role on 'The Voice' and all. His signature sense of humor manifested itself right away when he said, "I thought Blake was a dude's name, but I guess I was wrong" to fellow couch guest, lovely blond actress Blake Lively.

Shelton also said that his mother's dream for him "was not the country music thing, but for me to some way, somehow, be on the show with you," and then he launched into an imitation of his mother's southern drawl.

We also discovered that Little Blake was a male model. True story. Leno asked if Ma Shelton put him in beauty pageants, which Shelton said was true, but not before telling Leno to stop trying to ruin "his moment" with that type of embarrassing information. He admitted, "Yes, they were girl pageants" when a photo of a young Shelton, posing with his chin resting on his fist, flashed on the screen.

Leno dubbed Shelton a "hero to men" for wearing jeans at his wedding to Miranda Lambert. "That was the one thing she let me have," he admitted.

Shelton let us know that he doesn't drive in L.A. and he has no clue where his Los Angeles abode is actually located, other than the fact that it's near the Hollywood Bowl, which is actually in Hollywood, Blake! He was certainly working the country boy angle during his banter with Leno.

As for 'The Voice,' Shelton said that the chairs make it cool and that he gets along famously with the fellow coaches. "Cee Lo is the coolest human being I've ever met. I want to be around him all the time. Adam Levine is almost as big as a smart alec as I. We had a party after the show last night and I got some awesome pictures of my wife and Christina Aguilera embracing, which means a lot to me." Shelton joked that the pics are important to him for all the, ahem, right reasons. "Hell yes, as in a fantasy," Shelton laughed when Leno asked if he dug the photos for naughty reasons.

About saving Xenia on the show last night, Shelton said that he is protective of her and that he loves her voice, but when he saw her standing between two towering male singers in Jared Blake and Patrick Thomas, he knew that he had to cast the net her way. "I'll be damned if I am going to be the guy to send that little girl home," he said.

We're still stuck on the fact that Little Blake Shelton was a child model.

Watch Part of Blake Shelton's Interview With Leno