The world knows Miranda Lambert is a spitfire -- a trait that some are drawn to, but one that sends some running out of fear. When her now-husband Blake Shelton first met her, it was one of the major attractions that pulled him in immediately.

"A woman who is not insecure gets me," Shelton reveals in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. "I understand it's gotta be tough to be a girl, but a woman who doesn't give a crap if I notice her? That drives me crazy. That's something Miranda has."

What else does he find attractive about the opposite sex? "Boobs," he says with laughter.

One of his wife's newest hobbies, especially since becoming Mrs. Blake Shelton, is being domesticated by cooking dinners on those rare nights they are both home from the road.

"Miranda isn't afraid to try to cook anything," Shelton says proudly of his wife's talent in the kitchen. "Sometimes -- well rarely -- it'll suck. And when it sucks, it sucks bad. One time she wanted to bake some catfish. Whoa ... it was bad! We ended up going out for pizza."

Shelton just might be sticking to pizza more often, as Lambert readies her latest headlining trek, the On Fire Tour, starting up later this week. Shelton will also hit the road in full swing this week when he headlines his Well Lit and Amplified Tour. The rush of stepping onto the stage night after night is an experience that continues to be beyond thrilling, even for someone of Shelton's stature.

"That moment when you first walk onto a stage and people are excited ... it's the best," he says. "They're not half as excited as I am."

The Well Lit and Amplified Tour will kick off on Jan. 12 in Toledo, Ohio and feature supporting acts Justin Moore and Dia Frampton. Click here for a complete list of dates where the tour will be stopping.

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