The rumor mill is once again abuzz with talk of a potential Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce. As he has in the past, once Shelton caught wind of the rumors, he took to social media to address them.

The National Enquirer is again reporting that Shelton and Lambert are heading for a divorce, one that would allegedly cost them 40 million dollars. The tabloid says the couple's last straw was a photo Shelton took with another woman at a party recently.

While it's true that the 'Honey Bee' singer was photographed with blonde bombshell Lindsey Sporrer at fellow 'The Voice' coach Usher's house, the reality ends there. The magazine furthers, "when Miranda saw the photo, she flipped out. She called Blake and accused him of cheating with Lindsey."

Of course, that's not the only rumor that's flying around about Lambert and her hubby. People have been speculating for months that the two are expecting a baby! They're also apparently dueling with a very famous singer.

Shelton took to his Twitter account to address these rumors in a way that only the funny man can:

We think that clears it up ... until next time!