Sunday night's finale to Brad Paisley's H2O II Tour in Raleigh, N.C. featured pranks both from and on the headliner. Earlier in the afternoon, Paisley printed off and distributed 200 extra Blake Shelton meet and greets, so during their duet of 'Don't Drink the Water,' Shelton came out in character ... sporting a mullet.

The mullet he wears in the video that's surfaced (seen below) doesn't exactly resemble the long hair he sported through much of his early career. Shelton's is more 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' mullet than his own once famous achy-breaky-mistakey.

If that wasn't enough to throw Paisley off his game, however, Shelton brought friends. Spiderman, Captain America, Elvis and a few other not quite identifiable characters made their way on stage and quickly become the main attraction.

At one point, Spiderman and Captain America seemed ready to fire something from a slingshot into the crowd. Things got turned upside down when Captain America found himself in the bullet chamber, though. Fortunately, his feet remained planted on the ground, and the party left before Shelton and Paisley finished the song. Once again -- perhaps for the final time -- Shelton wrapped the smaller singer up in a big bear hug and covered him with kisses.

Watch Blake Shelton Prank Brad Paisley, While Sporting a Mullet