CMA Fest is like one big gathering of every country star you’ve ever heard of and then some. So surprise collaborations — like Blake Shelton with the legendary Oak Ridge Boys — are sure to pop up during the festival.

Shelton brought out the country vets to perform their new duet “Doing It to Country Songs" during his set at Nissan Stadium on Saturday night (June 11) and fans ate it up.

The artists first performed part of the new tune together, then launched into the Oak Ridge Boys' classic "Elvira." “We can’t let these boys get outta here without doing some real country music!” Shelton proclaimed to the crowd, met with hoops and hollers ready to hear the iconic tune.

Shelton and the Oaks teamed up on “Doing It to Country Songs” on Shelton’s most recent record, If I’m Honest, which dropped May 20. Shelton said he couldn’t believe the opportunity he got to have them on his album.

"Only in Nashville, Tennessee, do you get something like that, man," Shelton told the crowd. "That cost me a lot of money. You’re welcome. They’re very expensive. I have to take a moment now and soak that in. That just happened. Moment of silence, everybody please, for the Oak Ridge Boys."

When the news was announced he’d gotten the Oaks to perform on his record, Shelton was beside himself, tweeting about how excited he was and gushing about how great they were in the studio.

“This is one of the most special moments of my career to be able to have a duet with the Oak Ridge Boys,” he added.

Shelton may as well be an honorary member of the band at this point, after appearing with them at the opening of his Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit and performing together at the 2016 CMT Awards. Shelton’s exhibit, called Blake Shelton: Based on a True Story, details his life and career through a variety of elements, including clothing from signature performances or album covers, his knife collection, early photos and his numerous CMA and ACM awards.

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