Blake Shelton loves wildlife. In particular, he loves wildlife in his home state of Oklahoma, which is why he has given $20,000 to show his support.

Shelton handed over the check after a Tulsa, Okla. concert on Oct. 4, donating the large amount to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and their outdoor education programs, which introduces young kids in the Sooner state to the great outdoors. The wildlife department is in charge of conserving fish and wildlife in Oklahoma.

“I grew up out in the country, and life is just better lived outdoors,” Shelton says, adding, “The Wildlife Department’s youth education efforts are an important way to get kids back outdoors.”

This may surprise some naysayers, who stirred up controversy after the country star tweeted about killing a turtle last year. But they may not have clued into the whole story -- like he often does, Shelton was actually joking (he would never purposely run over a turtle).

With this donation, 'The Voice' star proves that he loves turtles -- and all animals. Plus, with a wife like Miranda Lambert (who will take in anything that has four legs and a heartbeat), Shelton had better be an advocate of Oklahoma wildlife, because otherwise, he'd have to take on his fiery, sassy wife!

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