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Posted by Sherry Fletcher Angel on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A motorist stranded during the recent storms that swept through Oklahoma got a helping hand from a seemingly unlikely guardian angel in the form of Blake Shelton.

Roho Hartman was headed home near Ardmore, Okla., during the recent floods from Tropical Storm Bill, when he came to a road that was flooded. “There was a car on the other side ... he went through it,” Hartman tells local news station KFOR. “I thought huh…I believe I’d make it, too.”

But that proved incorrect, and Hartman ended up trying to push his stalled truck up a hill in waist-deep water with help from a passerby. That's when another man rolled up in his Dodge truck with a tow rope.

“The guy said, ‘Are you ready?’” Hartman recalls. “I thought … that looks like Blake Shelton.”

In fact, it was Shelton, who not only pulled Hartman's truck to safety, but agreed to give him a ride home. Hartman got a call from his wife while they were on the way to his house.

“I said, ‘You wouldn’t believe it, Blake Shelton pulled me out,’” Hartman says. “Told her, ‘You better slick up, we’ll be there in just a minute.’”

Shelton took a few pictures with the couple once he got Hartman safely home, and then he was on his way.

“It was great,” Hartman says. “He’s a good fella I think; I like him.”

Shelton is currently on tour, with a string of festival and fair dates scheduled through August.

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