Blake Shelton has officially filed a lawsuit against tabloid magazine In Touch Weekly over a cover story printed in late September claiming that the singer has had problems with drinking. The publication said these issues contributed to Shelton's divorce from Miranda Lambert, and that he was headed for rehab.

According to the AP, Shelton is filing a defamation lawsuit with the Los Angeles County Superior Court seeking more than $1 million in damages over the story, which his lawyers refute as false.

"Blake Shelton has had enough,” the lawsuit reads. "Mr. Shelton is not in rehab and has no plans to go to rehab."

The suit also argues the publication has printed erroneous claims about Shelton repeatedly in the past, including alleged drinking problems and infidelity, which it has cited on separate occasions as contributing factors to Shelton's recent divorce. It goes on to refute further assertions by In Touch Weekly, one in particular that labeled Shelton as having “hit rock bottom."

"To be clear: Mr. Shelton has not hit rock bottom,” the lawsuit states. It also accuses the magazine of running the story without attempting to contact Shelton's lawyers or other representatives.

The lawsuit says Shelton has sought a retraction of the central story in question, but has received no response. In addition to the monetary sum sought by Shelton’s lawyers, the singer and his team are seeking an injunction that would prevent In Touch from repeating any of the allegations named in the story.

Shelton has been busy fulfilling his role as a celebrity coach on The Voice this season and working on an upcoming greatest hits album, which the lawsuit also notes.

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