When we're watching 'The Voice' each week, we occasionally see hear a pesky little "bleep!" and see a tiny sensor bubble covering the mouth of any one of the celebrity judges -- though some more than others. With the live shows coming up on Monday (April 2), and the luxury of the timely bleeps going away, judges Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are resolving to do something about those dirty words before they slip out on live television.

In their recent shared cover story with People, the two suggested one way they could temper their tongues, with Levine coming up with the idea of a curse jar by his side. "I have a dirty mouth," Levine admitted to the magazine. "I curse a lot and I want to try to contain that a little bit." Of his brilliant idea, Levine says, "I'll have a little curse jar next to me. Every time we say a bad word, $100 goes to charity. It will help us, it really will. Because we'll end up giving a lot!"

Shelton, who has been known to throw out a choice word or two when he's really blown away, seems to think his c0-judge is onto something with the whole curse jar bit. "I like that. I'm agreeing to it," he said. "I will sign up!" We'll have to keep our eyes peeled Monday night to see if Levine's space-like red chair will be home to a beverage -- and a curse jar. And that kind of makes us wonder whether Levine and Shelton plan to come equipped with hundred dollar bills in their pockets or if they'll be scribbling out IOUs as they slip up.

Last week on 'The Voice,' Shelton sent home one of the most country-influenced acts on his team -- Jordan Rager -- who went down in a formidable battle with the prevailing Naia Kete. Now, he has his team fully assembled, only to throw them to the wolves as America votes on who they want to keep and who they want to send home in the live shows. But regardless of what happens, you won't hear a bleep out of Shelton.