Blake Shelton stopped by 'Today' on Wednesday morning (Oct. 1) to play his single 'Neon Light' and talk about his new album, 'Bringing Back the Sunshine.'

While on the early morning show, Shelton admitted to 'Today' anchor Tamron Hall that he actually despises having to come up with names for an album. If it was up to him, they'd all be the same.

“First of all, I hate naming albums … I want it to be like ‘Blake Shelton No. 2,’ ‘Blake Shelton No. 3,’ ‘Part 4’ all that," the singer said before explaining what the title of this album actually means. "‘Bringing Back the Sunshine,’ to me, that kinda means I’m bringing back some of the more traditional-sounding stuff, as much as you can in country music these days and still try to blend in out there."

'The Voice' coach has been plenty busy in prepping for his album release (it dropped on Sept. 30), but he's also back in the swing of things on the reality singing show. Being around more mainstream artists like Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani does add pressure, but Shelton dishes that he's the one who applies the most heat.

“I put pressure on myself, you know," he shares. "I never want to get too far away from what country is, you know what I mean, and keep some of that. ‘Neon Light’ I think is the perfect example of kinda blending what’s going on today with the more traditional sound.”

Shelton loved the song the moment he heard it, saying it wouldn't leave him alone: “It was one of those things where it just beat the crap out of me, no matter what I did."

"It’s an earworm, for sure.”

We concur!

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