Watching Trace Adkins and Blake Shelton cut up during Season 14 of The Voice has been a pleasant surprise, and of course the banter has continued offstage.

The two friends collaborated for Shelton's hit song "Hillbilly Bone" in 2010, turning it into a No. 1 hit and making a memorable music video that recalls scenes from movies like The Cowboy Way and Blues Brothers. During this exclusive Taste of Country video premiere, Adkins remembers being asked to sing a few bass lines at first, but it quickly spiraled into much more. Shelton filled in the gaps of the conversation:

"You said, 'Whatever. I got a feeling we ain't done yet. You all might as well have me sing everything you can think of right now so I don't have to drive back into town.'"

The song is a true duet about embracing your inner hillbilly. For the music video they dined at a fancy restaurant, enjoying red wine and tiny hors d'oeuvres.

"I really did feel like we didn't belong there," Shelton adds. "It really was awkward."

"Blake was drinking all the props. I remember that," Adkins adds dryly.

Beginning last week Adkins joined Shelton for the Battle Rounds of The Voice. The second half of those battles are set to air next Monday and Tuesday before contestants on each team move on to the Knockout Rounds, and finally, the live performances. This clip was shot between takes.

"That was one of those days in this business where you felt guilty getting paid for it," Adkins says before Shelton quickly comes back with: "Did I pay you?"

Stick around for Adkins' line at the end. Yes, he did just use the word "bruh."

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