It's official: Blake Shelton is not a fan of sushi. The country superstar had never eaten the delicacy before, and he wasn't exactly eager to broaden his horizons when his friend Jimmy Fallon insisted that he try it.

Fallon and Shelton always have a hilarious banter when Shelton appears on the Tonight Show, with Fallon often making jokes about the singer's lack of sophistication. So, the host took the country star to Nobu for his first sushi experience and shared the results. Right off the bat, he started needling his friend, telling him not to eat the hot towels and making fun of the way he said "rice wine."

Shelton wasn't particularly a fan of sake, commenting that it tasted like "Easter egg coloring," but he was really uncomfortable when the first course of sushi arrived, noting, "That right there looks like a human tongue."

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However, he did get into some of the dishes; after a bite of one, he commented, "The texture is Play-doh, but I will say this to you right now, man to man: I like that. I like how that tasted."

He didn't care for the sashimi, commenting, "What could be more disgusting than raw fish? Whatever this is." He made a pained face after the first bite and literally put his face in his hands before asking the waitress, "Can we get some more of that rice wine?"

As the sake continued to flow, the scene got even more comical, with a seemingly loopy Fallon showing off a sushi mustache as Shelton stared at him blankly. Subsequent courses got harder and harder for Shelton, but he particularly blanched at uni, which consists of gonads of a sea urchin. "I'm gonna pretend this isn't happening," he said, calling for even more sake.

At least it wasn't all bad. He did manage to slip in a plug for his latest release. "What's the name of the new single?" Fallon asked as he raised yet another toast.

"Came Here to Forget," Shelton replied, to which Fallon raised his glass and laughingly said, "Mission accomplished!"

Watch the hilariously awkward exchange in the video above.

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