The Top 5 Blake Shelton videos prove that the singer is capable of putting the same emotion into his acting as he is his singing. This isn't easy for every country star, but when Shelton hurts, he seems truly tortured by the loss or heartache. And when he's getting rowdy ... well, there's little doubt he finds the motivation for that, as well.

Many of these music videos come from the last five years, partly because as he's become more successful, the videos have become more complex. Cameos from stars like the Pistol Annies and Trace Adkins have helped.

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    'Who Are You When I'm Not Looking'

    The Male Video of the Year winner at the 2010 CMT Awards follows three different women at work, and at home. Shelton takes a supporting role in this adorable music video. It's sweet and sexy at the same time. Like many of these clips, this song also checks in on our list of the Top 10 Blake Shelton Songs.

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    'Ol' Red'

    The video for 'Ol' Red' is the only reminder of Shelton's early '00s hairstyle to make this list. The singer plays a prison inmate, and the video follows the song's narrative accurately. While it's not his best acting job, the story is as much fun to watch as it is to hear him sing.

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    'God Gave Me You'

    Just 36 hours before she was to marry Shelton, Miranda Lambert taped an introduction for this music video. She sets the tone for the beautiful scenes that follow, and appears at the end to say "I love you" one more time. It's tear-jerking -- in a very good way.

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    'Hillbilly Bone' (Feat. Trace Adkins)

    Adkins and Shelton's characters in this 2009 video remind one of Jake and Elwood Blues from the 1980 movie 'The Blues Brothers.' The two rough-around-edges country boys are out of place at a high-class restaurant, but instead of being thrown out by the their belt buckles, they turn the snobby clientele. It's a party by the end -- even the haughty maitre 'd gets in on the act.

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    'Boys 'Round Here'

    This 2013 CMA Awards-nominated video has racked up over 16 million YouTube views to date. RaeLynn and the Pistol Annies help Shelton turn the town upside down. The video and the song are inspired by hip-hop, but not enough for anyone to get too angry. 'Boys 'Round Here' is just edgy enough to be the singer's best music video of all time.

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