Bob Seger's 'Ride Out' album is set for release on Oct. 14, and on it, the singer goes country for a cut of 'The Devil's Right Hand.'

Originally recorded by Steve Earle, 'The Devil's Right Hand' found its way into the hands of legend Waylon Jennings, who carved out an especially country version. It's that version that Seger has recreated for his upcoming album, and he shares that he tried to stay as true to it as possible.

Seger first heard the song a couple of decades ago while watching the film 'Betrayed.' He instantly fell in love with the song, but he was even more excited when he realized which two talented musicians were involved in it.

"The message I got from the song was like of a mother warning her child about gun violence," Seger says in this behind-the-scenes video, premiering on Taste of Country. The end of the movie includes Jennings' version of the track.

"It was performed by Waylon Jennings, whom I've always loved, and then I found out I think about five years later that Steve Earle wrote it," Seger explains. "I was watching the movie at home and I said 'Oh my gosh,' cause he's one of my favorite songwriters."

"It's a powerful combination -- Steve Earle and Waylon Jennings," adds the singer.

Get a quick listen of the track before the album is released and hear Seger talk about recording it. Preorder 'Ride Out' here.

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