Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are obviously doing something right. In addition to having their respective award-winning country music careers, the two bombshell country stars have now been invited to host the CMA awards a whopping five times. Luckily, the dynamic duo isn't getting tired of hosting the awards show -- in fact, they both admit to being really excited to host the 2012 CMA Awards.

"I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we are extremely excited to be back for a fifth year hosting the CMA Awards,” Underwood said in a statement. “Each year we work harder so that we can help present the best show possible.”

The CMA recently confirmed the exciting news, and Paisley and Underwood have already taken part in a photo session and chosen the best promotional shots for the awards show.

"We are excited. I think you walk out there with people expecting a certain thing now and that’s a great place to be," Paisley said about hosting the show. "I think they know who we are. They know what we do up there together and we’ve become something different together than we are separately I think, which is fun."

Both Paisley and Underwood have hauled home their fair share of awards from the event, too. Since taking home the Best New Artist award in 2000, the 'Water' hitmaker has scored a total of 14 CMA awards, while his 'Good Girl' counterpart has won an impressive five in her own right. With those numbers backing them up, the annual CMA awards has become a special night for both stars.

“I really think that the CMA Awards are a very special thing in our town,” said Paisley. “When they say it’s ‘Country Music’s Biggest Night,’ it is. It’s the biggest night of ratings that we ever get. The reason that I think it has worked is because we both take it so seriously that we’re ready when we walk out there. We are focused on making sure that we’re not just crossing our fingers that it works, that what we have ready is ready.”

"I feel like each year our hosting gets better and better," Underwood adds. "We want to top that every year, so it's a good challenge."

To see if Paisley and Underwood can best their previous CMA Awards hosting gigs, tune in to the live awards show on Nov. 1 on ABC.