Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood will return as hosts of the CMA Awards on November 5, and while the 'Perfect Storm' singer says the cupboard is bare in terms to things to joke about, his co-host's pregnancy "will definitely be addressed."

Paisley stopped sort of saying he's frothing at the mouth with ideas, but spoke with much enthusiasm and a familiar grin when addressing the topic backstage at the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday (Sept. 24).

“I mean, who knows? Did you guys see her at the ACM Honors?" he asked Taste of Country and various media. "She was a basket case. So what’s she going to be like in the monologue when we do this? Is she gonna break down crying? Or is she all of a sudden gonna start laughing for no reason, have a hot flash? Run off stage and pee. I don’t know."

Adds the funny man, "Just pray for me.”

Paisley figures Underwood will be about five months along come showtime, so there will be no ignoring the bump. However, he seemed somewhat nervous about other topics he could address.

"We're living in difficult times to be comedians right now, and I’m hoping that there are more things on the way that are a little bit lighter to joke about in the current events category," he says.

In addition talking CMAs and his new single, the 41-year-old opened up about the night's purpose, which was celebrating 25 years of Country Cares for St. Jude. The longtime supporter credits Randy Owen for leading the way for country music -- and for him personally.

“As a new artist, he said, ‘Look, whatever awards you win, whatever accomplishments you happen to rack up will pale in comparison to things like this," Paisley recalls. "When you look back, the lives you affected for the better and the good that you did will be the things you wish you did more of.’”

"He's right."

The 2014 CMA Awards will air at 8PM ET on ABC on Nov. 5.

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