After using Twitter to leak samples of his new album to fans (against his record label's wishes), Brad Paisley and his label are announcing the album's track listing and release date.

'Moonshine in the Trunk,' the upcoming 11th studio album from Paisley, is set for release on Aug. 26. 'River Bank,' his Top 5 hit, makes its way on the Paisley co-produced album. Thirteen of the tracks he wrote or co-wrote. The record includes the 14-tracks which he previewed on Twitter for his fans last weekend.

On Saturday, he posted the video that included the songs from the album but the record label quickly took the video down. He kept fighting back against their removal and even tweeted an email in which he sent the reps saying,  "I love you guys. But go ---- yourselves." Luckily, they seem to be taking it well.

"Working with Brad is like riding a roller coaster: you know you're going to scream, smile and have a wild ride ... and it's generally safe," Gary Overton, Sony Music Nashville's CEO says in the release.

'Moonshine in the Trunk' Track Listing:

1. 'Crushin' It'
2. 'River Bank
3. 'Perfect Storm'
4. 'High Life'
5. 'Moonshine in the Trunk'
6. 'Shattered Glass'
7. 'Limes'
8. 'You Shouldn't Have To'
9. '4WP'
10. 'Cover Girl'
11. 'Gone Green'
12. 'JFK 1962'
13. 'American Flag on the Moon'
14. 'Country Nation'