Brad Paisley got into a little trouble this weekend. He previewed new music including the new song, 'Moonshine in the Trunk,' for followers on Twitter without his label knowing.

Paisley took to the social media site to cause a little chaos. He used a video to preview the new tunes for fans. The video has since been removed but the tweet is still up.

He went rogue ... and seems to be in a little trouble. What followed that first tweet was lots of email responses from executives at Sony Music Nashville. He also got a message from his manager, according to his Twitter, because permissions weren't in place for the leaks he sent out.

After each clip was put up, they were all also very quickly pulled down by his record label. He defended what he was doing saying the label could go "---- themselves" because he loves his fans more:

Once all of those were removed, Paisley decided to put matters in someone else's hands. He promised the record label he wouldn't post the videos himself ... so guess who he got to tweet it for him? None other than fellow 'Rising Star' cast member, Ludacris. The rapper used his own Twitter and posted a video with mashups of the songs on the album -- the entire album!

Paisley's upcoming album, "Moonshine in the Trunk,' is expected to be released on Aug. 25 and includes the album's first single, 'River Bank.'

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