A woman claims she was kicked out of a recent Brad Paisley concert in San Diego for breastfeeding. Police disagreed strongly, and Paisley -- who talked about the incident on radio this week -- says he does, too.

Megan Christopherson was in the pit area of the July 10 show with her 4-month-old child when she was approached by officers from the Chula Vista Police Department. In a video captured by a bystander, they're heard telling the woman to either sit in seats they'd designated for her, or to leave. She chose to leave. Police say they were simply worried about the safety of her child, as it can be very loud so close to the speakers.

When speaking with KFRG's Frogmen in the Morning show on Friday, Paisley maintains that the police did the right thing.

"It seemed to me ... it sure seemed that she did the absolute wrong thing.” the country star says. "She’s probably picked the wrong fight.”

Paisley was performing during the incident and didn't even see it happen. He stresses that he had “nothing to do with [it]," and while none of his people were involved, he did enough research to reach his own conclusion. “From what I was told by the authorities, according to the police it had nothing to do with breastfeeding at all," he says adamantly, adding, "Nothing."

Paisley saw the YouTube video (which has since been taken down) of the confrontation and says the cops handled it professionally and that "it didn’t look like they were mean." In the clip, police are overheard saying, “Your child doesn’t have hearing protection on. The crowd is going to start surging forward. Where you’re at, your child can get crushed."

Paisley, a father himself, absolutely understands their concern.

"There's no way I would take a 6-month-old -- or however old the baby is -- into the pit at one of my concerts," the singer explains. "When my kids go to concerts -- and believe it or not, they were there at that one, and they rarely go -- they look like Princess Leia, they have these huge earphones. And they’re back at the soundboard. Because even back there it’s 100 decibels."

Paisley believes that woman is at fault in this case and hopes she'll see it as a learning experience.

"People are crazy, they do some crazy things and make some bad decisions," the 'River Bank singer says. “And that was in every way a bad decision. And I wish she would just learn from this as opposed to pretending to be a victim."

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