Brad Paisley is a quirky guy. He writes most of his own songs and often injects his one-of-a-kind sense of humor into the message. Then he'll write the most romantic and beautiful lyrics about the woman in his life. As much as any artist, fans learn who this singer truly is by listening to each of his albums.

In addition to being a talented guitarist and songwriter, Paisley is an amazing artist. In fact, he designed the set and stage art for his most recent tours. This fact didn't make this list of 10 Things You Didn't Know About Brad Paisley, though. We tried to dig a little deeper to stump the Paisley superfan.

  • 10

    His dad goes everywhere with him.

    Look at the picture at the top of this list. See that man next to Brad Paisley? That's Doug Paisley watching over his son's performance on 'Good Morning America.' The elder Paisley can often be seen helping out backstage before, during and after his son's concerts. Along with Mama Paisley, he'll watch the grandkids so Brad and Kim can have a night out as well.

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    He wanted to date Kimberly Williams, so he hired her.

    OK, that sounds worse than it is. Williams starred in Paisley's 2002 video for 'I'm Gonna Miss Her,' but the singer admits he hired her because he hoped she'd agree to go out with him. It was all a weird attempt to say "hi." We just can't believe it worked! The two were married in a surprise ceremony in March 2003.

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    The Paisleys keep a messy bedroom.

    In a 2004 column for Redbook, Kimberly Williams admitted she and her husband fight about who should make the bed. Recently, Paisley admitted that he won that fight. "Neither one of us makes the bed anymore," he says. While he's a perfectionist onstage, the singer admits that he's prone to walking through the house in muddy boots or flopping on the couch to watch a NASCAR race. "Deep down, I'm just a West Virginia hillbilly," he admits.

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    He uses his road band in the studio.

    In an interview with Premiere Guitar, Paisley reveals that the band you see onstage is the band you hear on his albums. This is often unheard of in Nashville. More often record labels insist on using trained studio musicians who are proficient at playing the same lick or riff over and over again with proficiency. Paisley begged to have his road band on an early album, and the label gave in after they produced four hits.

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    He runs a very successful publishing company.

    Early in his recording career Paisley founded Sea Gayle Music, a publishing company whose writers have since went on to pen dozens of the last decade's most popular songs by artists like Garth Brooks, Darius Rucker, Josh Turner and many more. New artists Jerrod Niemann and Wade Bowen owe their start to this venture, as does newcomer Brent Anderson. In recent years, Sea Gayle artists have been funneled into Arista Records, Paisley's label.

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    He goes way back with Little Jimmy Dickens.

    The two have become friends since running into each other in the halls of the Grand Ole Opry (both are members), and Dickens has appeared in many of the Paisley's videos. But the relationship began before that. After becoming a member of the Jamboree USA radio program in Wheeling W.V. in his early teens, Paisley frequently opened for country legends like the Judds, Roy Clark and ... yep, Little Jimmy Dickens.

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    He doesn't keep his award trophies.

    An article in PEOPLE reveals that Paisley hands all of his hardware off to his parents. "I don't like reminders of the past all that much," he says. "Nor do I have time to dust or polish the statuettes, so my parents take care and display most of them at their house." He does have plenty of guitars at home, however. He and Kimberly have an agreement that they must ask each other before buying anything over $5,000. One can get plenty of sexy six-stringed ladies under that cap. 

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    He and William Shatner are football buddies.

    If Paisley is in Los Angeles during football season, he calls up his old pal William Shatner to watch the big game. It's a star-studded affair. “He has great parties, and everybody’s there from Ben Stiller to Patrick Stewart, you name it. It’s a blast," Paisley tells ESPN. "It’s really amazing to watch the enthusiasm that this Canadian guy has for the game. Watching it with a guy like him, it’s really hilarious. I love those parties.” Paisley also admits he had dreams of playing for the Cleveland Browns, but ended his playing career after junior high.

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    His favorite Brad Paisley song was 'Alcohol.'

    In an 2008 interview with radio station WQDR, Paisley said 'Alcohol' was his favorite song that he'd written. That's sort of ironic (see No. 1 on this list). However, in a 2009 interview with The Boot, Paisley found a new favorite. 'Welcome to the Future' from the 'American Saturday Night' project is now his top song. Songwriter Chris DuBois helped him with that one.

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    He doesn't drink.

    Yep, the man who wrote and recorded one of the best drinking songs of all time doesn't imbibe. 'Alcohol' is all about getting drunk and making a fool of one's self, but Paisley enjoys the hooch only as a spectator. One may find him with a Yoo-Hoo -- one of his favorite beverages -- in his hand instead.