Bret Michaels' teenage daughter inspired and helped him write his newest song "Unbroken," and it sounds like there's more where that came from. Jorja Blue Michaels did something great country and pop writers do when they're hurting — she wrote about it.

Michaels explains how "Unbroken" was inspired by a few tough things going on in 13-year-old Jorja Bleu's life (she's now 14 years old), but doesn't air her dirty laundry. "Just adjusting to life, calling growing pains. We all go through 'em," he shared during an interview prior to this Hometown Rising set in September.

"With me being a lifelong Type 1 diabetic, I still do the five injections a day, I just always, always stay in the fight," he says. "I said 'Let's take this tough stuff we're going through, be stronger than our storm, face the adversity and we just put the song out and people just really kind of came around the song because of tough stuff that everyone is going through in their life. I said, you gotta find a positive way to just keep going."

Jorja Blue is the singer-songwriter's youngest daughter who is also an "amazing songwriter," per her dad. In the introduction to the music video, Michaels explains how he hopes the song will empower his fans:

Country fans are starting to know the 56-year-old rocker more for his country music conquests. He joked that he knew everyone at Hometown Rising, even all the crew, and spoke openly about who parties hardest. He's not afraid to name names, either! Recently he's been writing with Luke Laird and Jefferey Steele, as well as Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band. Previously he recorded music with Rascal Flatts and his dear friend Loretta Lynn.

"Just a couple days ago," Michaels says when asked the last time he chatted with the legend. "We're all great friends and what we were talking about ... my dad's a veteran and loves this country, loves great country music and my dad had just passed recently and we were talking on the phone about that."

Musically, Michaels says he's working on a song called "Back in the Day" right now that might include Brown as a collaborator or producer. Poison will be on the road in 2020, playing amphitheaters and stadiums.

Bret Michaels Plays Hometown Rising 2019:

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