Brett Eldredge's 'Beat of the Music' video transports viewers to sun-drenched beaches and carefree island vacationing, enticing every country music fan to purchase a flight to anyplace warm ... stat.

'Beat of the Music,' a follow-up to Eldredge's 'Don't Ya,' was just begging for a music video with its descriptive lyrics that follow the storyline of a guy who meets a girl on his last night in Mexico and she captivates him hook, line and sinker.

In actuality, the video was filmed in Staniel Cay in the Bahamas, where Eldredge was first inspired to write the song. It begins with the singer and his buddies heading out for some fun on the island, and along the way, they run into a few gorgeous gals. One in particular, a leggy blonde, turns and catches the country hitmaker's eye. And, of course, she has blue diamond eyes, as the 'Beat of the Music' lyrics portray: “I get hooked on a girl with blue diamond eyes / Down here in Mexico."

The clip cuts between Eldredge playing his guitar underneath a soaring palm tree amidst beautiful greenery and trying to connect with the mysterious girl. He finally sees her again, bikini-clad (of course), standing on a yacht. He pays a local islander in beer for the use of a tiny little boat, which he steers next to the yacht, trying to get her attention.

But does he end up with his stunning love interest? Or does he leave Mexico forlorn and lovesick? You'll have to watch the video and see for yourself.