Brett Eldredge, in a way, is Father Christmas. The singer exudes the holiday spirit everywhere he goes, and with his first-ever Christmas album Glow released this year he finds himself on television frequently performing tracks off the record.

"Everything has been magical," he tells Taste of Country Nights. "I got to be in New York so much during Christmas season. It's so cool there, too. I've had so much fun."

Another magical moment is his duet with Meghan Trainor on "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Eldredge said the two Nashville artists met years ago while at a party in L.A. after being featured in People's Ones to Watch issue.

"It was her and I and movie actors and actresses, comedians. We were the two Nashville people so we hit it off because we didn't know anybody personally," Eldredge recalls. "If there was one person I could have sing on this album it would be Meghan Trainor with 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' so I called her up and she was all about it and knocked it out. It was my No. 1 choice and it ended up being a magical recording."

Eldredge is excited to spend time with his family this holiday season and says he will "celebrate the perfect year." Part of the way he chose to honor it is by getting a 12-foot Christmas tree for his house. Unfortunately for the singer, though, he quickly realized that he is allergic to Christmas trees.

"I want to maximize Christmas because I love it so much. I wanted a huge tree. We go get it, put it in my house and within two days I started sneezing and getting sick," he recalls. "I'm allergic to Christmas trees! I had to get rid of it and get a fake one and I was so bummed. I have scented candles to make up for that."

Eldredge's Glow is out now.

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