Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre says he spoke to his friend Toby Keith a few days before his Feb. 5 death and ended the call with worry, but some hope.

  • Toby Keith died at age 62 after a two-year battle with stomach cancer.
  • Initially he kept private as he battled the disease, but in the last few months he gave a flurry of interviews and stage appearances.
  • Non-country music celebrities like Sammy Hagar, John Daly and Stephen Colbert all gave emotional tributes to Keith and offered thoughts and prayers to the family.

Favre, a Hall of Fame football player, describes a friendship that goes back nearly 30 years during an interview with TMZ Sports. They golfed often together and remained close. Every few months, Favre would call Keith, and he did so again after seeing his buddy looking worn down following a trio of concerts in Las Vegas.

Picture of Toby Keith and Brett Favre golfing in 2019
Steve Dykes, Getty Images

“He did say that to me when we had our conversation,” Favre shares. “He said, ‘Brett, whatever happens, I’m OK with it.’”

The singer didn’t give his friend any indication that time was short, but Favre admits he didn’t press for that kind of detail during their exchange.

“He said, ‘I quit chemo,’” Farve shares, echoing something Keith told Taste of Country in late November.

“It probably did more damage to me than the cancer did,” the singer shared, per Favre.

The former Green Bay Packer says Keith lost 130 pounds during his 2-year battle with stomach cancer, but was grateful he got to take the stage again. Last December, he played three concerts in Las Vegas, each featuring 22 hit songs.

“(Toby) handled it with grace and faith and family and stood up to the cancer as good as you can,” Favre shares.


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