Brian Collins' soulful country voice is what you'll notice first and forever about "Shine a Little Love," his second single from Healing Highway. The West Georgian reminds one of James Otto at first. This is a subtle love song that takes its time.

“Everybody has a bad day / Been out in the rain / But you’re not alone / I can see you’re needing a friend / To lend you a hand / From out of the cold," Collins sings on this mid-tempo cut. The cry of slide guitar stands out immediately, but a softer organ pins the song in the soul-country sub-format.

And it won’t hurt like this forever / It’s all gonna work out fine," he adds before a catchy, feel-good chorus: “And we’re all in this together / Blue skies or stormy weather / Come on shine a little love for me / Let your arms surround it / And don’t just talk about it / Come on and shine a little love for me."

Lyrically, Collins uses familiar country themes and ideas. "Shine a Little Love" is a vocal showcase that should continue the momentum he built with "Never Really Left," his album's lead single.

Why Fans Will Love It: The soulful Collins sings a song you can't help but smile along with.

Key Lyrics: “And if that’s something you can do / I’m gonna shine a little love for you."

Did You Know?: Brian started the the She Will Ride Foundation to find a cure for cancer. It’s in memory of his sister Karen, who died from leukemia in 1985. He wrote a song called “She Will Ride” about it.

Listen to Brian Collins, “Shine a Little Love”

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