Rising country star Brooke Eden is taking fans inside the music making process in a new video series titled Behind the Curtain With Brooke Eden, and in the debut episode, she stresses the importance of actually learning an instrument.

Eden admits she focused entirely on singing in the early days of her musical development.

"I loved singing so much, it was like breathing to me," she says in the video above. "It was like breathing in the sense that it was super natural, but it was also breathing in the sense where if I didn't do it, I felt like I was gonna die."

She began to expand her horizons after her grandfather passed away and left her his guitar, which she began to play after having her tonsils out at 19 sidelined her from singing for an entire month.

After she learned a few songs from YouTube, "I just became obsessed with the guitar and obsessed with the fact that I could make my own music while singing," she says.

She later learned piano after co-writing a song titled "If I Would Have Known" with a keyboard-playing co-writer, since she wanted to sing it on her own. The singer is a prolific songwriter who has written more than 100 songs in the last year, and she co-wrote her current single, "Act Like You Don't," which has received 15 million Spotify streams already.

The song, which was featured on the Today Show recently, was inspired by a breakup Eden went through. It appears on her debut EP, Welcome to the Weekend, currently in release from Red Bow Records. Another of Eden's song, "Diamonds," earned placement in the TLC series Too Close to Home, and she also sang the title song of the series, which is produced by Tyler Perry. Eden’s anthem "American Dreamin'" is featured in the newest X-Men movie, Logan, which opened in March.

Join us each Monday for the next three weeks as Brooke Eden takes us behind the curtain on other topics, including moving to Nashville, getting a record deal and finding out who you are as an artist.

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