Bubba Sparxxx says he’s back to being the man his real fans fell in love with and he’s proving it with a new song called ‘Made on McCosh Mill Road.’ Watch the video for the track — the title-track from an album set to drop on June 24 — exclusively on Taste of Country and sister sites.

Sparxx says the song is a tribute to the road he grew up on in Lagrange, Ga. Filmed on his family’s farm, ‘Made on McCosh Mill Road’ shows life as he knows it, full of principled, hard-working folks that play hard.

“It was really awesome to be able to show people where, and how I really grew up,” the 37-year-old Sparxx says. “Not a similar place, but the actual place. Not in a similar way, but in this actual way. “

Sparxxx’s evolution — beginning with his ‘Dark Days, Bright Nights’ album, including the ‘Deliverance’ album through singles like ‘Ms. New Booty,’ ‘The Charm’ and later 'Country Folks' —has shown all sides of this country hip-hop star’s personality. He says he did a lot of soul-searching for this album, deciding not to take himself too seriously or worry about things not in his control.

“It's getting warm again, and this is definitely a high energy song people are going to want to play at parties, in clubs, and out on the water this summer,” he says. Listen to the song, enjoy the video and decide if you agree.