Cade Foehner's new song "Baby, Let's Do This" tells the story of a young couple running away to get married, which made casting his co-star real easy. Gabby Barrett, the singer's wife of 10 days, rides in the truck alongside Foehner as they rush to get hitched in this video, premiering exclusively on Taste of Country.

Foehner and Barrett married on Oct. 5 after dating for a year and a half and being engaged for seven months. Both singers were contestants on American Idol when they met, but their love for one another outlasted Season 16. "Baby, Let's Do This" doesn't tell their story, but the music video does include a proposal and real photos from their Texas wedding reception. Watch to the end to see photos submitted by fans of their weddings.

The 23-year-old Foehner tells Taste of Country that the new video is a flashback of their whole relationship together leading up to their engagement. The story finds the Texan driving a classic truck to pick up Barrett, and off they rush to Las Vegas.

"Baby let's do this, let's go for it / We could be in Vegas by morning / Find us one of those drive-thru chapels / And a preacher that looks like Elvis," Foehner sings at the chorus. "You could wear that little white dress you bought / Be the prettiest bride the world ever saw / You know I love you like crazy / Come on I can't wait baby / So let's do this."

"Baby, Let's Do This" is Foehner's newest single, having been shipped for radio airplay earlier this fall. The song is also available at all digital streaming providers.

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