One could argue that this spread is tops compared to all other country singers' houses in Nashville -- and beyond. It's actually three houses, spread out over 11 acres of forest, hiking trails and rugged nature. There's views of the city and the west coast ocean from different spots on the mountainside. The place went on the market in October 2012 for (gulp) $15.95 million. Beauty isn't cheap, it seems.

Can you guess which country singer once called this place home? She's not a full-time Nashvillian. In fact, this songstress is best known for her country collaborations and her pop hits, though she does have a country single out right now. Records show she paid just over $5 million for three adjoining parcels of land, meaning if it sells for anything near the asking price, she'll have made quite the profit. Click the button below for more details about this house, plus pictures and then more country star's houses.