Carrie Underwood's beautiful baby bump is growing by the day! Her fans are loving her preggo belly, and clearly, so are her pups!

On Thursday (Nov. 13), Underwood took to Twitter to share this ridiculously adorable picture of her dog Penny Jean snuggled up against her baby boy, with only a belly between them.

"I guess my belly makes a good pillow for sweet Miss Penny Jean..." Underwood wrote on Twitter. It's obvious he pup is very comfortable, as she's curled up, laying smack dab in the middle of Underwood's belly, fast asleep.

Ever since Underwood announced her pregnancy -- using her dogs, of course -- on Labor Day, all eyes have been on the singer. Fans have been anxious to see the star's burgeoning bump, and we got the chance during the 2014 CMA Awards, where she (and baby) dazzled on the red carpet and on the stage (in several wardrobe changes). Underwood even made our Best Dressed List with her red carpet gown!

But although she is glowing and ever-fashionable, the singer is a normal pregnant woman. She admits even she is prone to pregnancy meltdowns when her hormones get the better of her. Rest assured, Baby Boy Fisher will be worth it!

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