Carrie Underwood might get all glammed up onstage at her concerts and on the red carpet of awards shows, but when she's got nowhere to be, well, she dresses pretty much just like everybody else.

The country superstar proved it on her Instagram Stories over the weekend, sharing a selfie from her tour bus with minimal makeup and a baggy sweatshirt featuring a picture of a row of chickens. In the caption, Underwood pokes fun at herself for her low-maintenance (and debatably un-stylish) fashion sense.

"Makes nice living ... Lots of fancy clothes in closet ... Wears chicken sweats she bought off Etsy," the singer writes as she shows off the sweatshirt she wears in her downtime.

Of course, Underwood's got a personal connection to the birds depicted on her shirt: She keeps chickens at home and often documents the eggs they produce and shares the photos with her fans.

Most recently, the chickens got a shoutout when Underwood took fans behind the scenes for a day-in-the-life on her tour bus: She revealed the dinner she eats every show day, "no exceptions," which includes two scrambled eggs with pepper.


When she's not relaxing in her chicken sweatshirt, Underwood is often dressed to the nines for her Denim & Rhinestones Tour — with a tour name like that, she's got to bring some bling when she hits the stage, after all — and she also frequently shares snaps on social media that give fans an up-close-and-personal look at some of her most glamorous tour outfits.

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