If you’re scheduled to appear on Ellen DeGeneres’ show near Halloween, you can probably expect to be snuck up on, but Carrie Underwood just wasn’t prepared for what was to come during her visit on Tuesday (Oct. 27).

The country superstar stopped by the show as part of her promotion for her new record, Storyteller, and chatted with DeGeneres about her baby boy, Isaiah, his sleeping habits, and life on the road. The ladies also played a game called Country Song or Country Wrong, in which the two had to guess whether or not a song title was a real country tune or a made-up spoof. Underwood knew most of the answers, but did whiff on a Buffett song at the end.

After the game, DeGeneres asked Underwood about her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher, and whether or not he is a “cowboy,” whether or not he likes country music and buys in to the whole culture.

Just as Underwood starts to describe him, a man emerges from backstage dressed like a cowboy and sneaks up behind her, making her jump and scream. DeGeneres is notorious for scaring guests, of which Underwood has been the recipient before.

“Come on!” she exclaimed as the crowd laughed, as it was clear this was not the first time it'd happened to her.

“You watch your back, people. When you’re here, you watch your back,” Underwood warned.

Storyteller officially released Oct. 23 after months of anticipation from fans. It’s Underwood's first all-new album in three years and features the leadoff single "Smoke Break" as well as a sentimental tune she recently debuted, titled “Heartbeat."

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