Brad Paisley is asking fans to be in his new video for 'Crushin' It' by sending in videos of themselves crushing cans. But we never would have thought Carrie Underwood would participate ...

Underwood may be as pretty as a picture, but the singer is also very tough. She proved that in a video Paisley posted to his Instagram account, in which she displays a Coke can for the camera which reads "Legend."

"She's gonna crush it," Paisley says from behind the lens.

"I'm gonna crush it" adds the songstress, grinning. A little louder and a lot more confident, Underwood says, "I'm gonna crush it!" She then raises her hand holding the Coke up to her head and crushes it ... or so the video would have you believe. She smiles, displaying the smushed can.

"That's impressive," Paisley concludes as the clip ends.

This is all part of a forthcoming video for Paisley's song, 'Crushin' It.' He's asking fans to send in their own videos, which may make the final cut. It's simple -- all you have to do is finish your favorite canned beverage (beer is acceptable), and then as creatively as you can, crush it! Submit videos here.

The song will be featured on Paisley's album, 'Moonshine in the Trunk,' which is set for release on Aug. 25.

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